Wednesday, February 8th

Afternoon Session

** Denotes student presenter

Fisheries Papers Wildlife Papers Plastics Workshop Workshop Forestry Papers
1:00pm Quantifying Behavioral Responses of Invasive Carp to Electrofishing Settings Drews, Kevin Characterization of Salmonella Isolates from Reptiles in Missouri McQueen, Evelyn** The Ecological Imperative to Move Beyond Plastic: An Overview of the Issue. Dana Ripper, Missouri River Bird Observatory (1pm-3pm) Native Forage Species Initiative Steve Wilson & Nate Goodrich Quantifying the Abundance of Nonnative Invasive Woody Plants and Their Response to Seasonal Removal Maddox, Dacoda
1:20pm Comparative Efficacy of Electric Fish Handling Gloves, Tricaine Methanesulfonate (MS-222), and Eugenol Hessler, Tyler Plastic trash on the Big Muddy. Steve Schnarr, Missouri River Relief Investigating Cloud Based AI Applications for Ecological Sciences Fisk, Jonathan**
1:40pm Effects of Capture Depth on Walleye Hooking Mortality During Ice Fishing Lyon, Cade Thermal Ecology of a Population of Eastern Copperheads (Agkistrodon contortrix) in St. Louis County, MO Jellen, Ben Macro- and Micro-plastic Research in the Confluence. Rachel Bartels, Missouri Confluence Waterkeeper Modeling Growth and Establishment of Plantation and Converted Agroforestry Silvopasture Systems in the Missouri Ozarks Goerndt, Michael
2:00pm Recreational Participation Differs Among Urban Tapestries Hansen, Kyle F.** Medium and Large Mammal Inventory at Bull Shoals Field Station, 2019―2022 Payne, Kieran** Plastic is a Hazardous Substance. Jenny Davies, MD, PhD, JD, Cafeteria Culture (by Zoom from Portland, OR) Sprouting and competition dynamics of shortleaf pine and oak regeneration following prescribed fire in the Missouri Ozarks Fillingim, Hope**
2:20pm Examination of Grass Carp Ctenopharyngodon Idella Reproductive Strategy and Gonadosomatic Index Wilson, Tammy** Small Mammal Occupancy in Southwestern Missouri Prairie Patches Orlando, Sofia** Roundtable Discussion with Audience Participation/Q&A Monitoring soil and air temperature relationships in a highly instrumented representative deciduous forest of central Missouri Kollie, Joseph**
2:40pm Evaluation of the Bonus Fishery Created by the Low-Density Stocking of Striped Bass in Bull Shoals Lake Boehm, Hadley** Impacts of Patch-burn Grazing on Small Mammal Assemblage in a Missouri Tallgrass Prairie Brown, Cori Effects of Silvicultural Release on Oak Regeneration in Northern Missouri Bottomland Forests Hayford, Isaac**
3:00pm BREAK

Thursday, February 9th

Morning Session 1

Fisheries Papers Wildlife Papers Soil and Water/General Natural Resources Papers  Workshop Workshop
8:00am Addressing the need for lab experiments to fill the temperature gap in trait-based approaches in fishes Harried, Brittany L. Best Management Practices for Furbearer Trapping: Two decades of science to guide and enhance furbearer management in the United States Roberts, Nathan (8am-10am) Ticks in Natural Resources Matt Combes (8am-10am) Invasive Species Session Angela J Sokolowski & Carol Davit
8:20am An Assessment of Silver Carp Stock in the Twin Lakes Acre, Matthew Genetic Analysis of Feral Swine in Missouri Smyser, Tim Nature Based Solutions for Streambank Armoring Larson, Todd
8:40am Crappie Management on Harry S Truman Reservoir: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead Brooke, Chris Reintroduction of Brown-headed Nuthatch to the Missouri Ozarks: analysis of post-release dispersal and survival Heath-Acre, Kristen How cold do soils get in green-tree reservoirs? Kabrick, John
9:00am Grand River Invasive Carp Removal McDaniel, Adam Biting the Bullet: A Call for Action on Lead-Contaminated Meat in Food Banks Schulz, John H. Toward Developing a Clean Water Management Plan for Missouri Abeysinghe, Umanda
9:20am Integrating fish community data and stream flow estimates to develop a flow-based classification for wadeable Missouri streams Tracy-Smith, Emily The Growing Threat of Light Pollution to All Taxa Ripper, Dana A Bucket With Holes: An Investigation of the Site for the Proposed Joplin Water Supply Reservoir Woods, Dave
9:40am Commercial Grass Carp Removal from Phillips Lake Niswonger, Darby J
10:00am BREAK

Thursday, February 9th

Morning Session 2

Fisheries & Natural Resources Papers Forestry & Soil and Water Papers Insect Workshop Workshop
10:30am Bloom Busters: Harmful Algal Bloom Reporting and Tracking Edge, Elisa The Finca Project at Lincoln University in Missouri Navarrete-Tindall, Nadia Missouri Bumble Bee Atlas: 2 Summer of Bumble Bee Surveys Buback, Steven (10:30am-12:30pm) Climate-Smart Forestry Kristen Goodrich
10:50am Freshwater Mussel Propagation at Neosho National Fish Hatchery Maynard, Amy Silvopastoral System of Goat Production for Low-income Producers in Missouri Acharya, Mohan Bees of Missouri State Parks McCarty, Ken
11:10am Evaluating full annual cycle population dynamics through thoughtful study design, implementation, and partnerships for effective fish and wildlife management Sinnott, Emily A. Soil Chemical Response to Clearcut and Single-tree Selection Management in the Missouri Ozarks Taylor, Alexander Inquiline invertebrates associates with Plains Pocket Gophers Worthington, Reese
11:30am A tool for evaluating connectivity and habitat suitability between freshwater systems Winikoff, Sarah Carbon Dynamics in Old-growth Forests of the Central Hardwoods Region, USA Fraser, Jacob Using carrion beetles (family Silphidae) to assess ecological integrity in western Missouri prairies and associated Conservation Opportunity Areas Malek, Andrea
11:50am Missouri River Basin Silver Carp Assessment Howell, Jessica Habitat preferences of the regal fritillary butterfly Marschalek, Daniel
12:10pm Moth Survey of Fort Leonard Wood Steese, Kimberly