2022 Poster Abstracts (PDF Download)



Sassafras Sapling Dominance as a Result of Prescribed Fire in an Oak Woodland
Akeem Ajao
Downstream trends of metals concentrations in different size fractions of contaminated channel sediments in Turkey Creek, Tri-State Zn-Pb District, SW Missouri and Kansas
Teri Arceneaux
Determining Hybridization of Age 1-2 Striped Bass Using a Body Depth to Total Length Ratio
Tyler Bennett and Hunter Weidenborner
An assessment of SECR methods for estimating swamp rabbit abundance
Leah Berkman
Experiential Learning in Soil Health and Conservation Practices at Southeast Missouri State University
Indi Braden
Divergence Between Wild Notropis topeka and Hatchery-raised Descendants
Jessica Brooks
Estimating Survival and Detection Parameters for an American Bullfrog Population in Northwest Missouri
Octavia Buschhaus
The MWSU Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society: An Example of Student Organizations as Professional Development Vehicles for Applied Learning Experiences.
Cary D. Chevalier
Urban Wildlife Management success: Eight years of Canada goose (Branta Canadensis) population management on Missouri Western State University campus.
Cary D. Chevalier
Movement Patterns, Home Range Size, and Habitat Selection of the Prairie Kingsnake (Lampropeltis calligaster)
Skylar Ciccolini
Impacts of seeding and soil treatments on log landing pollinator habitat
Jackson Clubb and Benton L. Winfrey
Population Study of Migrants at World Bird Sanctuary
Shelly Colatskie
Mining Contamination and Legacy Floodplain Sedimentaton in Turkey Creek, Tri-State Mining District, Southwest Missouri
Hannah Eades
Long-Term Impact of Historical Logging on Forest Watershed Hydrology in the Missouri Ozarks
Elande’ Engelbrecht
Effects of fire season and heat exposure on shortleaf pine seed germination
Hope Fillingim
Struvite as a Potential Slow Release Phosphorus Source for Sustainable Agriculture
Jordan Galliher
Applied Learning through professional internships: Natural History Biologist internship in Outreach & Education with Missouri Department of Conservation. Our experience teaching fishing clinics to the public.
Kelsey Gillenwater
Modeling Crown Cover Response in Converted Silvopasture Agroforestry Systems Using Remotely-Sensed Data
Carsen Goodman
River-floodplain connectivity and riparian management for NPS in Blue River, metropolitan Kansas City, Missouri
Katie Grong and Hannah Alkier
Geomorphic Patterns of Riparian Tree Mortality and Recovery after a 500-Year Flood Event on an Ozark Highlands River
Josh Hess
Light Availability and Deer Herbivory effects on Planted White Oak (Quercus alba) Seedlings
Abby Huffman
Evaluation of Processes that Impact Stream Metabolism in Urban Study Sites
Lydia Jefferson
Faxonius punctimanus (Spothanded Crayfish) (Decapoda: Cambaridae) invasion of a wadeable stream in the Osage River Basin of Missouri
Kaira L. Kamke
Tardigrade Distribution in Ozark Lichens, Barry & Taney County, Missouri, U.S.A.
Dylan J. Klewer
A risk assessment of Pb exposure for wild turkeys from the Big River watershed in southeast Missouri: examining the potential health impact for wildlife and consumers
Katrina K. Knott
Monitoring understory microclimate variability in a highly instrumented representative deciduous forest of central Missouri
Joseph Kollie
Francis Marion and Sumter National Forest Fuels Monitoring With Terrestrial LiDAR
Konner Larkin
An Empirical Comparative Assessment of Assay Efficacy for eDNA Metabarcoding of Ozark Fish Communities
Veronica Lee
MDCs Role in Monitoring Hemorrhagic Disease in Deer
Aaron Loucks
Developing a complete mtDNA reference database for Missouri fishes
Eric Ludwig
Monitoring possible disease outbreaks is critical to protecting the health of wildlife in Missouri
Kathleen McCoy
Applied Learning through professional internships: Natural History Biologist internship with Missouri Department of Conservation.
Kylee Nissen
Evaluation of Pet Trade Regulations for Management of Invasive Crayfish in Midwestern States
Bailey O’Brian
Seed Rarity and Granivore Preferences in Restored and Remnant Prairies
Maya Parker-Smith
(WITHDRAWN) MDC Cooperator Sampling Program
Ashton Parsley
(WITHDRAWN) The power of pools: macroinvertebrate resilience in an intermittent Ozark stream
H. Jaxson Priest
My Internship with the Missouri Department of Agriculture: An applied learning partnership between a natural resource agency and Missouri Western State University.
Jeremy Reynolds
Life-History of a grazing caddisfly in an intermittent stream
Hannah N. Robinson
Recent climate change influence on river flooding and channel erosion on Big River, Missouri Ozarks
Patrick Saulys
Pathological changes in the hepatopancreas of Longear Sunfish from the Big River indicate toxic effects due to lead exposure.
Michelle Seers
Twenty Years of Leaf Production in a Southwest Missouri Oak Woodland: Why is Climate and Phenology Only Correlated with Open Woodlands?
Sanjeev Sharma
The effects of remnant and restored prairies on small mammal and tick diversity.
Jermayne Smith
Effects of prescribed fire over 20 years on the ground flora and stand structure of three Missouri Ozark community types in the Current River Watershed
Carolyn Stephen
(WITHDRAWN) Limits on geographic range in non-native sparrows
Andrea C. Trigueros
Applied Learning Partnership between Clay County Parks and Recreation and Missouri Western State University: My Applied Learning Internship.
Jacob VanVickle
Spring Ephemeral Forb Species Richness and Similarity is Not Increasing in a Previously Degraded Missouri Oak Woodland After 21 Years of Prescribed Burns
Emily N. Wilkinson
Grassland Bird Seed Dispersal and Seed Preference in Missouri Prairies
Brandy Williams
Electric Fish Handling Gloves: A Method to Reduce Tagging Mortality
Tammy Wilson
Searching the hyporheic zone: Does immediate pump sampling give an accurate picture of the invertebrate community?
Jackson Winslow
Does the synthesis and release of secondary negative allelopathic metabolites into the soil provide a competitive advantage to Amur honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii)?
Alyka Zahnd
John Rushin Teaching and Research Prairie at Missouri Western State University: First-Year Vegetation Success Survey of a Conservation Prairie
Alyka Zahnd and Jessica Poush