(Authors will be available at their posters from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. during the opening night social on Tuesday February 5.)

1) Geospatial analysis of stream bank stability of small, agricultural streams for conservation planning, Lamar Lake watershed, MO. Hannah Adams, Robert Pavlowsky

2) Professional Internship at Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge: An Applied Learning Partnership between a Natural Resource Agency and a University. Kaitlyn Atkins

3) Phytohormone treatment with gibberellic acid alleviates the negative allelopathic effects of Amur honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) leaf extracts on seed germination and growth. Csengele E. Barta, Brian C. Jenkins, Mary L. Moore, Kerry D. Moore, Devon S. Lindstrom, Chayata F. Thammarat and Stan R. Svojanovsky

4) Influence of channel geomorphic processes and sediment metal concentrations on macroinvertebrate communities in urban streams, Springfield, Missouri. Madalyn Behlke-Entwisle, Ethan Pelke, Micah Seago, Robert Pavlowsky

5) Summer resting site selection by female raccoons (Procyon lotor) in an urban habitat in Northwest Missouri. Kaitlyn Campbell, Jack Deshon, Cary D. Chevalier, Jason Kusilek, Jeremy Reynolds, James Swofford, Morgan Wells

6) Pollinator networks in established urban prairie gardens compared to rural remnant prairie conservation areas. Amanda L. Coleman and D. Alexander Wait

7) Distribution records of horsehair worms (Nematomorpha: Gordiidae, Chordodidae) and habitat characteristics for three species from wadeable streams in Missouri. Matthew D. Combes, William R. Mabee, Ben Hanelt

8) Nonpoint pollution source modeling in Mineral Fork and Mill Creek watersheds, Washington County, Missouri: assessment of channel erosion inputs using LiDAR and historical aerial photography. Kayla Coonen, Marc Owen, and Robert Pavlowsky

9) Hornyhead Chub Spawning Associates in the East Fork of the Black River. Eric Cox, John Brant

10) Climatic effects and habitat conditions explain variation in the demography of long-distance migrant birds. Stephanie Cunningham, Mitch D. Weegman, Qing Zhao

11) Herb-Chronology: Past regional work and future applications in Missouri landscapes. Justin Dee, Michael Stambaugh

12) Fish community and Topeka Shiner monitoring at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Kansas. Hope R. Dodd

13) Comparing Substrate Sampling Methods in the East Fork Black River. Leann Drury, John Brant

14) Late season pollinators: Influences of plant composition and trap height. Emily Dunlap, Daniel A. Marschalek

15) Curly-leaf Pondweed Influence on Various Sized Lakes. Jessica Filla, Mike Anderson, and Brian Todd

16) Validating the taxonomic and distributional status of the Neosho Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieu velox). Joe C. Gunn, Leah K. Berkman, Lori S. Eggert

17) Chemical Fingerprint Analysis of Sycamore Trees in Big River, MO. Jordan Heiman, Trang Tran, La Toya Kissoon-Charles

18) Spatial Distribution of Riparian Tree Mortality by a 500 year Flood in the North Fork River Watershed, Southern Missouri. Joshua Hess and Robert T. Pavlowsky

19) Evaluation of differences between movements and winter habitat selection of diploid and triploid grass carp in a large lake. Tyler Hessler

20) The effects of rehabilitative captivity on neophobia in Strix varia (Barred Owl). Juliana M. Hitchcock, Aaron Geheber, Kurtis Dean, Scott Lankford

21) The Green Plague: Algal Toxins and Fish Health in an Agricultural Reservoir. Joshua Horne, Rebecca L. North, Morgann Clinton, Jacob Gaskill, Katrina Knott, Rebecca O’Hearn, Larry Lawson, Alba Argerich

22) Butler Hollow Cave Project. Scott House, James Cooley
23) Cave and Bat Management on Ozark National Scenic Riverways. Scott House, Kim Houf

24) The Missouri Cave Database. Scott House, Ken Grush

25) Environmental history as interpreted through floodplain core analysis along the lower Big River below Byrnesville, Jefferson County, Missouri. Miranda Jordan, Robert T. Pavlowsky, Marc Owen

26) Reservoir Observer Student Scientists (ROSS): Engaging youth in harmful algal bloom monitoring. E. Kinzinger, E. Downing, A. Thorpe, G. Kirchhofer, R.L. North

27) Variability in Streamwater Chemistry Across a Multi-land-use Watershed. Phillip Klenke, Alba Argerich

28) Missouri maple syrup: production methods and lessons learned from the School of Natural Resources sugar shack. Benjamin Knapp, David Kerley, Bennett Wickenhauser

29) Does growth efficiency influence mercury bioaccumulation in Largemouth Bass from Missouri reservoirs? K.K. Knott, R. O’Hearn, D. Niswonger, L. Lawson, J. Wenzel, M. McKee

30) White River Crayfish (Decapoda; Cambaridae) invasion of a headwater stream in the Osage Plains of Missouri. Seth W. Lanning, William R. Mabee, Matthew D. Combes

31) Sediment quality survey to identify nonpoint and point sources of pollution in an urbanized watershed, Springfield, Missouri. Sarah LeTarte, Madalyn Behlke-Entwisle, Indigo Tran, Robert Pavlowsky

32) Bird Diversity in North City St. Louis Vacant Lots. Sebastian Moreno, Charles Nilon, Robert Pierce

33) How Does Seeding Rate Influence Plant Expression? Observation of Three Third-year Native Plantings. Casey Bergthold, Ryan Diener, Lora Dirnberger, Scott James, and Courtney Nicks

34) Movement patterns and habitat use of the black blister beetle in restored tallgrass prairie and degraded grassland. Hannah Ogden, Daniel M. Wolcott, Daniel A. Marschalek

35) Historical land use influence on legacy floodplain deposits in forested watersheds in the Ozark highlands. Katy N. Reming, Robert T. Pavlowsky, and Marc Owen

36) Step-pool channel form, distribution, and forcing in the Salem Plateau, Carter County, Missouri. Triston Rice and Dr. Robert Pavlowsky

37) Evaluation of herding techniques for the concentration and mass harvest of bigheaded carps. Josey Ridgway, Katelyn Lawson, Robin Calfee

38) Geomorphic and land use controls on headwater channel morphology in Mark Twain National Forest. Grace Roman and Robert Pavlowsky

39) Metal contamination in roadside soils and street dusts in residential neighborhoods in Springfield, Missouri. Kelly Rose, Dr. Robert T. Pavlowsky, Marc Owen

40) Evaluation of milkweed survival and monarch use in a restored prairie. Nason Saltsgaver, Wesley A. Hanks, Eric W. Kurzejeski, and Larry D. Vangilder

41) Estimating behavioral transition probabilities of Greater White-fronted Geese using Non-homogenous Markov Models. Toryn Schafer, Christopher K. Wikle, Mitch D. Weegman

42) Presence and Habitat Use of the Blanding’s Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) on the Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge, Missouri. Valerie Schneider and Dr. Kurtis Dean

43) Relationship between macroinvertebrate indices and channel enlargement and substrate in urban streams, Springfield, Missouri. Micah Seago, Ethan Pelke, Madalyn Behlke-Enwisle, Robert Pavlowsky

44) Investigating the Role of Stream Flow in the Structuring of Headwater Stream Fish Communities. Nicholas Sievert, Craig Paukert

45) Habitat-specific survival of northern bobwhite juveniles on traditionally managed conservation areas and native grasslands. Emily Sinnott, Frank Thompson, Mitch Weegman, Tom Thompson

46) Say #byetobags: A Reusable Bag Program at the Saint Louis Zoo. Kirinne Slaughter, Zoo ALIVE Teen Volunteers

47) Quantifying Hybridization Between Smallmouth Bass and Spotted Bass in the Southern Ozark Highlands. Kaitlin N. Sulkowski, Joe C. Gunn, Lori S. Eggert

48) Naïve survival and metamorphosis rates for a Cope’s Gray Treefrog population at Mozingo Lake, Nodaway County, Missouri. T. R. Sutton and J.D. McGhee

49) Darter Movement Along a Missouri Stream Gradient. Molly Takacs and Aaron D. Geheber

50) Mapping the Effective Field of an Electrofishing Boat to Inform Evaluations of Catchability. Mike Thomas, Zachary Ford, Andy Turner, and Craig Paukert

51) Paternity Determination of Missouri Black Bears (Ursus americanus). Chelsea L. Titus, Madison Harris, Leah Berkman, and Lori S. Eggert

52) Perceptions of carnivores on the landscape. Lauren Toivonen, Dr. Matthew E. Gompper, Dr. Charles Nilon, Dr. Shari Rodriguez

53) Dozer trawl as a fish community assessment tool in a highly turbid lake. Kristen Towne, Eddie Sterling, Zach Sanders, Jeremy Hammen, and Emily Pherigo

54) Lemna minor growth and morphological responses to different forms of silver. Trang Tran, Jordan Heiman, La Toya Kissoon-Charles

55) Spring ephemeral forbs, mesophication and prescribed fire in a Missouri oak-hickory woodland: implications for management, restoration and conservation. D. Alexander Wait

56) Restoration of native aquatic vegetation in spring-fed ponds. Hannah Whaley, LaToya Kissoon-Charles

57) Relationship between water temperature and flow in Missouri streams based on landscape-scale factors. Joanna Whittier, Jacob Westhoff, Bridget Whitehead, and Del Lobb

58) An Analysis of Mesocarnivore Communities at Prairie Fork Conservation Area. Jena Staggs, Rachel Williams, Grace Thomas, Abby Williams, and Matthew Gompper

59) Clear-cuts and thinned stream buffers: do riparian zones influence stream function? Jessica Wilson, Alba Argerich, Sherri Johnson, Linda Ashkenas

Poster Abstracts