For registration:

Casey Hawes
USDA Forest Service

For student job fair:

Lauren Pile Knapp
USDA Forest Service
573-875-5341 Ext. 233

For workshops, posters, and presentations:

Dr. Michael Goerndt
Missouri state University

For visual aids and equipment:

Mark Johanson
MDC – District Supervisor
636-458-2236 Ext. 4843

Conference treasurer:

Tyler Bradford
USDA Forest Service

Conference arrangements:

Paul Johnson
MDC – Resource Forester
417-895-6910 Ext. 1631

Conference chair:

Jon Skinner
MDC – Community Forester
417-629-3434 Ext. 4543

For sponsorship and exhibits:

Mike Fiaoni
MDC – Forest Nursery Supervisor
Office: 573-674-3229 Ext. 6274

For social events:

Kristen Goodrich
MDC – District Supervisor
Office: 573-751-4115 Ext. 3827

For programming:

Justine Gartner
MDC – Forest Management Chief
Office: 573-751-4115 Ext. 3116

For website:

Dacoda Maddox
USDA Forest Service
573-875-5341 Ext. 234

Conference publicity:

Sam Kosark
MDC – Community & Private Land Forester
660-263-1169 Ext. 3105