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Salon A

Salon B

Salon C

Room 62-64

Room  60-61

Parasol II

Thurs. 1-3 PM Society Targeted Workshops

Fisheries Contributed Papers: Student presentations (6)

Feral Swine: Research

Collaborative Forest Management – What does it mean and what does it look like?

Soils Directed Workshop (to be determined)

ALICE Training


Fri. 8-10 AM

Fisheries Contributed Papers: Big River Aquatics (6)

One Health Workshop-1

Forestry Contributed Papers

Wildlife Contributed papers (6)

Soil & Water Contributed Papers (6)

Feral Swine: History and Strategy

Fri 10:15-12:15

Fisheries Contributed Papers (4)

One Health Workshop-2

Fire and Rain:  A Look at Missouri’s Variable Weather and Land Management

Natural Resources Contributed Papers (4)


Feral Swine: Impacts and Management